St. Theresa of Avila Church - Pendurthi


Name of the Church

St. Theresa of Avila Church


St. Theresa of Avila

Catholic Population







St. Joseph’s Carmel Bhavan
R C M Church, Near Coromandal Paints, Pendurthy - 531 173 Visakhapatnam.

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Brief History

Mangalapalem Parish was entrusted to the OCD fathers for some time. They came to the diocese in 1986. Since then they have been looking after the spiritual needs of the people in Managalapalem. After ten years of their services in Mangalapalem they concentrated on Pendur thy where they wanted to construct their monastery in the land given by the Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. K Mariadas. Pendur thy was erected a new parish on 5.5.1998.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. Boys Hostel
  2. Seminarians (OCD) Study House

Convents in the Parish

Daughters of St. Anne Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Francis OCD
  2. Rev. Fr. Bernard OCD
  3. Rev. Fr. Antony OCD