St. Theresa of Child Jesus Church -
Salur(Chinna Veedhi)

st theresa of child jesus salur vizianagaram
altar of st theresa of child jesus church salur

Name of the Church

St. Theresa of Child Jesus Church


St. Theresa of Child Jesus

Catholic Population





Mettavalasa, Theensamanthavalasa, Buttiganivalasa, Bangarampeta, Nellipar thi, Nerellavalasa, Ramabhadrapuram, Jeelika


Catholic Church
Salur - 535 591 Vizianagaram Dist.

Phone No.

08964 - 252746

Mass Timings


Brief History

The first person to be ever remembered in the line of Salur is Fr. Peter Payroud, the founder of Salur Mission. As per the available Fr. Peter’s note the mission at salur was started with 37 catholics in 1883 in February. It was noted that Fr. Peter might have contacted the Salur khonds through some relations of his khond conver ts of Palakonda. His first conver ts were all Khonds-villages such as Gangandoravalasa, Ittikavalasa, Chintalavalasa, Punikilavalasa etc. One thing to us remains as a miracle till today how he reached these interior and remote villages in those days, which are even now not very accessible. Some of these mentioned villages we have, but some have disaappered. He bought the proper ty at Salur and built a home and began to stay there from 1898. It is indeed interesting to note that he was always on the move visiting his villages from Jeypore to Parvathipuram in those days when we didn’t have proper roads if not to think of the present vehicles. Only for the annual retreat, he used to come to Visakhapatnam. Fr. Payround fell ill in June 1911 seriously. Bishop sent Fr. Zlexis Marroliat, a young priest from St. Aloysius to assist him. By the time Fr. Alexis reached there, the veteran missionary passed away. The Lutharen Minister at Salur carried him to the grave. Fr. Marroliat, the young priest took charge of the Salur Mission and remained there for 36 years. He is very well known to be the builder of the Salur Mission. He along with his co-workers spread the faith in many hond and jata villages of salur and Makkuva. Boys were sent to Kothavalasa boarding and even to Phirangipuram. One such is the first girijan M L A of Salur Mr. Boina Rajaya. The Sisters of St. Joseph star ted a school and boarding for the girijan girls in the old place of Fr Payrond which was given to them. The sisters house was constructed in 1922. The present compound of the fathers’ residence, a vast area of 20 acres was bought in 1924 and the prebsytery wherein fathers shifted, was constructed in 1928.

Fr. Marroliat had various schemes to help the people. He had a grami bank. He redeemed the people from the clutches of Marvadies who used to give money at exorbitant interests and then take away even their lands. He even conducted cour t cases in defence of them. The school was constructed in 1931 and later it was enlarged. Salur Mission divided and the new mission of Makkuva was star ted in 1925.

Conversions took place among Harijans in 1925 in Salur town itself. Schools were started for their children at Peddaveedhi and Chinnaveedhi. A large church for Peddaveedhi in 1935 and a large church in the sisters compound for the benefit of the boarders and chinna veedhi people in 1948 were built. At present, salur town along embraces 1500 catholics. The boys boarding was star ted in 1954 by Fr. Mathew Naduvilekoot. The boys attend the sisters school. A New Church and a new Presbytery are ready for blessing and inauguration which is scheduled for the first week of February 2002. Under the influence of the founder and zealous fathers, Salur Mission is progressing and flurishing.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. St. Theresa’s High School
  2. St. Joseph’s Boarding Home
  3. St. Joseph’s Eng. Med. School
  4. R C M Boarding
  5. R C M Aided Ele. School, Mettavalasa
  6. R C M Aided Ele. School, Kothavalasa
  7. R C M Aided Ele. School, Chinnaveedhi
  8. R C M Aided Ele. School, Chinthalavalasa

Convents in the Parish

St. Joseph’s Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Peter Payround msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Alex Marroliat msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. Joseph Rey msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. L Mariadas
  5. Rev. Fr. A Juan
  6. Rev. Fr. K E Zacharias msfs
  7. Rev. Fr. Vignoud msfs
  8. Rev. Fr. C Grange msfs
  9. Rev. Fr. Mathew Naduvilekoot msfs
  10. Rev. Fr. Joseph Parapally
  11. Rev. Fr. A J Chacko
  12. Rev. Fr. Antony Mookenthottam msfs
  13. Rev. Chacko Arayathinal
  14. Rev. Fr. N C Thomas
  15. Rev. Fr. Antony Parayil
  16. Rev. Fr. Abraham Olickal
  17. Rev. Fr. P Francis
  18. Rev. Fr. D Balashouri
  19. Rev. Fr. Abraham Chirayil msfs
  20. Rev. Fr. O Varghese msfs
  21. Rev. Fr. Jose Marie Thekkekut
  22. Rev. Fr. Jacob Karachira
  23. Rev. Fr. Zacharias Ittiyapara
  24. Rev. Fr. D Deva Raj
  25. Rev. Fr. D V Prasad
  26. Rev. Fr. Andrew Seelam
  27. Rev. Fr. Joy Thomas
  28. Rev. Fr. Joseph Prabhakar
  29. Rev. Fr. Ignatius
  30. Rev. Fr. K. Ratnakar
  31. Rev. Fr. Thomas Elavunkal
  32. Rev. Fr. Felix Butchet msfs
  33. Rev. Fr. Peter Descombes msfs
  34. Rev. Fr. Joseph Quiber msfs
  35. Rev. Fr. B Mariadas
  36. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Puthuthundi msfs
  37. Rev. Fr. Joseph Nilappana
  38. Rev. Fr. Monard msfs
  39. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Poondikulam msfs
  40. Rev. Fr. Devasia Kuzhupil msfs
  41. Rev. Fr. Xavier Dias msfs
  42. Rev. Fr. Zacharias Ittiyapara
  43. Rev. Fr. Mathew Thudian msfs
  44. Rev. Fr. Mathew Pazhedam msfs
  45. Rev. Fr. P Charles msfs
  46. Rev. Fr. Mathew Kanipally
  47. Rev. Fr. Augustine Olickal
  48. Rev. Fr. G Mariadas
  49. Rev. Fr. Kalyana Prasad
  50. Rev. Zachrias Kochupur
  51. Rev. Fr. K Cheriankalayil msfs
  52. Rev. Fr. P Mariadas
  53. Rev. Fr. Y Mariaratnam
  54. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Selvaraj
  55. Rev. Fr. Christopher Malamakal TOR
  56. Rev. Fr. J Balashowry
  57. Rev. Fr. Antony Parayil
  58. Rev. Fr. P. Karuna Kumar
  59. Rev. Fr. P. Antony
  60. Rev. Fr. B.Prasad
  61. Rev. Fr. Zacharias