St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church - Peddaboddepalli


Name of the Church

St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church


St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

Catholic Population





Narsipatnam, Pakalapadu, Kothakota, Kothapatnam, Rolugunta, Bogapuram, Dondapudi, Dharmasagaram, Nagendrapalem, Mungarlapalem, Buchimpeta, Serabavaram, Kota vuratla, Bapiraju Kothapalli, Kodavatipudi, Peddipalem, J P Agraharam, Tanaripalem, Kovuru, Makavarapalem, Rachapalli Kothuru, Balighattam, Lakshmipuram, Vajrada, Dongada, Pedimpalem, Jogunadinipalem.


R C M St. Theresa’s Church
Peddaboddepalli - 531 116 Via Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam Dist.

Phone No.

08932 - 35502

Mass Timings


Brief History

From Madugula Fr. Dias had already star ted working at Peddaboddepalli and the surrounding villages. But it was made the headquar ters of the Mission only in 1940 by Bishop Rossillon on the advice of Fr. George Vayalil. Instead of Kothakota, Boddepalli was selected because of its nearness to Narsipatnam and communication facilities. Land was bought in 1939 November and the church and presbytery were soon constructed. Blessing was on 16th July 1940. The first parish priest was Fr. George Vayalil. His right-hand-man was Bro Joseph Puthur who brought up Boddepalli. He improved the small school star ted by Fr. Dias in 1938 got it recognised in 1947 made it a Higher Elementary School in 1951, constructed a pucca building in 1957. Now St. Theresa’s High School is one of the leading schools in this area. Fr. A. Ch. Innaiah (present bishop of Srikakulam) served in this school and made it progress immensely. The school buidling was extended in 1977. The small boarding star ted by Bro. Joseph Puthur is a big institution now. The boarding home was built in 1966. Bro. Puthur served at Pakalapadu and other villages in the parish. He was popularly known in this area as Pedda Brother. Later a new Church, a new presbytery and considerable changes in the school area have come up.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Xavier Dias msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Lazar Mariadas
  3. Rev. Fr. George Vayalil msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. George Kodian
  5. Rev. Fr. K E Zacharias msfs
  6. Rev. Fr. Paul Iramana msfs
  7. Rev. Fr. George Nellikunnel msfs
  8. Rev. Fr. Jacob Pathupally msfs
  9. Rev. Fr. Mathew Nallanirappel
  10. Rev. Fr. Antony Parayil
  11. Rev. Fr. Jacob Puthiaparambil msfs
  12. Rev. Fr. Polamarasetty Pushpanadham
  13. Rev. Fr. N C Thomas
  14. Rev. Fr. Devasia Nediakala
  15. Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikatt
  16. Rev. Fr. A Ch Innaiah
  17. Rev. Fr. K Joji Babu
  18. Rev. Fr. Thomas Vazhayil msfs
  19. Rev. Fr. Paul Iramana msfs
  20. Rev. Fr. J Ananda Rao
  21. Rev. Fr. Jose Paramattam as asst
  22. Rev. Fr. Luke Kallakatt as asst
  23. Rev. Fr. Luke Cheruvil as asst
  24. Rev. Fr. Dusi Devaraj as asst
  25. Rev. Fr. Savy Puthussery CMF as asst
  26. Rev. Fr. S Prathap as asst
  27. Rev. Fr. Y V Ramesh Kumar as asst
  28. Rev. Fr. P Mariadas as asst
  29. Rev. Fr. Joachim msfs as asst
  30. Rev. Fr. Francis msfs as asst
  31. Rev. Fr. Mathew Nadackal msfs as H M
  32. Rev. Fr. A Ch Innaiah as H M
  33. Rev. Fr. K Joji Babu as H M
  34. Rev. Fr. J Ananda Rao as H M
  35. Rev. Fr. E. Ravindra Kumar
  36. Rev. Fr. Y Maria Ratnam
  37. Rev. Fr. Varghese Chaparath

Convents in the Parish

St. Ann’s Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. P Charles msfs :
  2. Rev. Fr. M. Kurian msfs :
  3. Rev. Fr. John Mulagada
  4. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kochuchira
  5. Rev. Fr. Luke Cheruvil msfs
  6. Rev. Fr. N C Mathew
  7. Rev. Fr. P M Mathew
  8. Rev. Fr. V Onayathumkuzhy msfs
  9. Rev. Fr. T V Paul msfs
  10. Rev. Fr. N C Thomas
  11. Rev. Fr. Mathew Panthapally OFM Cap.
  12. Rev. Fr. Joji Reddy OFM Cap.
  13. Rev. Fr. Arogyam OFM Cap.
  14. Rev. Fr. Ch Joseph Lourdu Raju OFM Cap:
  15. Rev. Fr. Mathew OFM Cap.