St. Maurice Church - Vizianagaram


Name of the Church

St. Maurice Church


St. Maurice

Catholic Population





Chinthalavalasa, Inada, Majjipeta, V T Agraharam, Poolbagh, Nellimarla


Catholic Church
Cantonment Vizianagaram - 535 003

Phone No.

08922 -276454

Mass Timings


Brief History

It is noted from the available records that the early visiting priests from Goa used to attend the needs of the Catholics, mostly Tamilians working in the Army Regiments at Vizianagaram from the 18th Century. The first MSFS priest who went to Vizianagaram was Fr. J M Tissot. He built a chapel there in 1850. The Raja of Vizianagaram got the services of two sisters of St. Joseph in 1867. Since then we find resident priests at Vizianagaram. A School and a boarding for poor Rajput girls were opened by the sisters. Some of the Rajput girls became catholics. Soon there was an opposition due to which the school was closed. Another school was opened in 1880 in the cantonment area for Tamil Children.

The present Church compound was bought in 1878 with the money donated by the Raja of Vizianagaram. Fr. Domenge built the church in 1883. By 1927 Tamil was replaced by Telugu in the School. The extention of the boarding took place in 1957. A basic Training School was opened in 1959 and the same was closed down later. The building is used for the school. The high school was opened in 1968 and the high school building was built in 1973. Recently the New Presbytery was constructed and got inaugurated in 2000 a.d.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. St. Ann’s Aided Ele. School
  2. St. Ann’s Aided High School
  3. St. Joseph’s Eng. Medium School
  4. St. Joseph’s BPhar. College
  5. R C M Aided Ele. School
  6. R C M Aided St. Anthony’s High School
  7. R C M Boarding Home
  8. Holy Spirit K G School

Convents in the Parish

  1. St. Ann’s Convent
  2. Angela Convent
  3. Holy Spirit Convent
  4. S A B S Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fathers from Goa / Mylapore (Theatines, Augustinians)
  2. Rev. Fr. J M Tissot
  3. Rev. Fr. Francois Decarre
  4. Rev. Fr. Maurice Domenge
  5. Rev. Fr. John Mary Rassat
  6. Rev. Fr. Adolphe Souchon
  7. Rev. Fr. John Mary Girard
  8. Rev. Fr. Maurice Domenge
  9. Rev. Fr. Alphonse Voisin as asst.
  10. Rev. Fr. John Mary Rassat
  11. Rev. Fr. Aphonse Voisin
  12. Rev. Fr. Eugene Coutin, as asst.
  13. Rev. Fr. Alexis Marrolliat
  14. Rev. Fr. Jules Rey
  15. Rev. Fr. Eugene Chevallet
  16. Rev. Fr. Anthony Juan as asst
  17. Rev. Fr. Poondikulam Sebastian as asst
  18. Rev. Fr. Alphonse Barril
  19. Rev. Fr. J Monnard
  20. Rev. Fr. Crispin De Souza
  21. Rev. Fr. Xavier Dias
  22. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Puthuthundy
  23. Rev. Fr. Mathew Kudakkachery
  24. Rev. Fr. Mathew Naduvilekoot
  25. Rev. Fr. C J Abraham as asst
  26. Rev. Fr. C J Abraham as p p
  27. Rev. Fr. Thomas Anikala
  28. Rev. Fr. Thomas Manalil
  29. Rev. Fr. Joseph Parapally as HM
  30. Rev. Fr. Paul Iramana
  31. Rev. Fr. Varghese Chaparath as asst
  32. Rev. Fr. P Pushpanadam
  33. Rev. Fr. J Ananda Rao as HM
  34. Rev. Fr. D V Prasad as asst
  35. Rev. Fr. John Kunnapally
  36. Rev. Fr. S Prathap as asst
  37. Rev. Fr. Ramesh Y V as asst
  38. Rev. Fr. Antony Puthussery
  39. Rev. Fr. D Joseph as asst
  40. Rev. Fr. G Joachim as asst
  41. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kochuchira
  42. Rev. Fr. M Lourdaiah as asst

Rev. Frs. Mathew Katchira, and Chacko Mulanjanany, and Bros. Gopu Shouri Reddy, Madanu Joji and Isaac have rendered their services at Vizianagaram.