St. Joseph the Worker Church - Malkapuram

st joseph the worker catholic church malkapuram visakhapatnam
st joseph the worker catholic church malkapuram visakhapatnam
st joseph the worker catholic church malkapuram visakhapatnam
st joseph the worker catholic church malkapuram visakhapatnam

Name of the Church

St. Joseph the Worker Church


St. Joseph the Worker

Catholic Population

300 families




Scindia (a quasi parish)


St. Joseph’s Church
Malkapuram - 530 011 Visakhapatnam

Phone No.

0891 - 2709168

Mass Timings


Brief History

As Malkapuram became an industrially important area by the establishment of number of industries, many people began to flock there and nearby places. Already there was regular Sunday Mass in Scindia area. It was Fr. Xavier Dias who built the church in 1963 on the mission property bought in 1944. He began to look after Scindia and Malkapuram. After him priests from cathedral looked after the two centres.

A private school was star ted in the church campus at Malkapuram in 1967 and in 1971 it was handed over to the Sisters of St. Ann together with a par t of the proper ty of the mission. Sisters acquired an additional land and built the school which has now become a high school.

Scindia and Malkapuram was made a parish and the Presbytery was built at Malkapuram in 1971. Ever since there is a resident priest although some of the priests in-charge earlier used to stay in the Sacristy of the Church. The present church dedicated to Christ the King in Scindia Colony was built in 1967 on the piece of land given by the company for the purpose. Caltex was kind enough to give 12 acres of their land to the sisters of St. Ann in 1978 to star t a college and a hospital. The St. Ann’s College for girls was star ted in 1978. The extention of Malkapuram Church so as to suit the increasing number of Catholics was taken place in 1981. With the development of industries in an around the areas, under the zealous and able spiritual guidance of the good shephereds the faithful are growing day by day.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. St. Joseph’s Eng. Medium School
  2. St. Ann’s College
  3. St. Ann’s College Hostel
  4. St. Ann’s School of Nursing
  5. St. Ann’s Jubilee Memorial Hospital

Convents in the Parish

  1. St. Ann’s Convent(School Community)
  2. St. Ann’s Convent(College Community)

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Inna Reddy msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Xavier Dias msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. Devasia Kuzhupil msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. Mathew Thudian msfs
  5. Rev. Fr. John Kurandiarkunnel msfs
  6. Rev. Fr. Joseph Pulpara msfs
  7. Rev. Fr. Mathew Kudakachery msfs
  8. Rev. Fr. Joseph Pauvath msfs
  9. Rev. Fr. Paul Thayil msfs
  10. Rev. Fr. Jacob Karachira
  11. Rev. Fr. Augustine Olickal
  12. Rev. Fr. N C Mathew
  13. Rev. Fr. Joseph Pauvath
  14. Rev. Fr. Y. Ananad