St. Joan of Arc Church | Rajahmundry


Name of the Church

St. Joan of Arc Church


St. Joan of Arc

Catholic Population





Vemagiri Gattu, Hukkumpeta, Dawaleswaram


Catholic Church
Alcot Gardens Rajahmundry - 533 101 East Godavari Dist.

Phone No.

0883 -2443132

Mass Timings


Brief History

It is known from the old documents that priests from Goa used to visit Rajahmundry in 1827. There were many catholic workers for the construction of the bridge over Godavari River which was built at Dawleswaram from 1847 to 1852. To look into the spiritual needs of the catholic faithful a small chapel was built at Dowleswaram and priests used to visit them from Yanam till 1853, and from Kakinada till 1902 . The available documents say that there was also a chapel at Rajahmundry.

Rajahmundry developed as an important centre of Railway with the construction of the Railway bridge at Godavari. The catholics among the railway personnel found the Godavari Church two miles away and found it difficult to go. A church at Rajahmundry became a dire need for them. A suitable site found at Alcot Gardens just outside the Railway grounds was bought in 1923 the time of the bishop Rossillon. The presbytery was built in 1925. Thus with a very good history the church was erected in the year 1925. Fr. Chevallet stands as the first resident parish priest. The new church which was blessed on 5th April 1926 became the main catholic church in and around the historical city of Rajahmundry

Institutions in the Parish

  1. St. Ann&#;s Eng. Medium School
  2. R C M Aided Ele. School
  3. R C M Aided High School
  4. R C M Boarding Home for boys

Convents in the Parish

St. Ann’s Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Chevallet msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Peter Descombes msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. Cyril Allioud msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. Manioulax msfs
  5. Rev. Fr. J Butchet msfs
  6. Rev. Fr. Ignatius Gopu msfs
  7. Rev. Fr. A Juan
  8. Rev. Fr. Lawrence msfs
  9. Rev. Fr. Alexander Kottam msfs
  10. Rev. Fr. Joseph Parapally msfs
  11. Rev. Fr. Varkey Koovackal msfs
  12. Rev. Fr. P M Mathew
  13. Rev. Fr. N C Mathew
  14. Rev. Fr. Mathew Kanippally
  15. Rev. Fr. Jacob Karachira
  16. Rev. Fr.
  17. Rev. Fr.
  18. Rev. Fr. D Paramjyothi