St. Anthony of Padua Church - Samalkota


Name of the Church

St. Anthony of Padua Church


St. Anthony of Padua

Catholic Population





G Ragampeta, Unduru, Sarpavaram P B Devam, Vetlapalem


Catholic Church
Samalkota - 533 440 East Godavari Dist.

Phone No.

0884 - 2327055

Mass Timings


Brief History

Samalkota is one of the oldest mission stations in visakha diocese. There was a regiment of soldiers during the time of Anglo-French war and among the soldiers there were always catholic. Probably the old church which was demolished in Jan. 1999) at samalkota was built in those days for the use of soldiers. We find the visiting Portughese were at Samalkota in 1821. The Old Church was built in 1820 and was dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua and his feast was celebrated very solemnly then. Catholics and even Hindus from Kakinada, Rajahmundry even from Visakha and other places (mostly Tamilians) used to gather on the occasion of the feast. As there were a lot of abuses on that occasion, Bishop Clerc forbade the feast expecially the night celebration. As the number of catholics dwindled, the church was closed for a long time till Fr. Charles Polamarasetty began to use it for worship again in 1952. As the number of Catholics villages increased in Nor thern par t of East Godavari and as Samalkota is situated at a central place, it was made a mission head-quar ters in 1956 instead of Gollaprolu. Fr. Charles P was the first resident priest. When Fr. George Manianghatt shifted to Prathipadu, Prathipadu was made a parish, under which Samalkota became a sub- station. In 1982, it was again made an independent parish. Fr. Joseph Paramattam was made parish priest but when he went for holidays, Fr. George Nellikunnel from Anaparti who was substituting Fr. Joseph was asked to shift to Samalkota where there is a residential house, though both the church and the house were in a delapidated condition. Fr. George came to Samalkota on 10.01.1984 at the same time looking after Anapar thi area too.

In June 1984 a pacca stone wall was constructed marking the boundaries. Sisters of Mary Immaculate bought 6 acres of land near FCI and got registered in May 1986. The first batch of Sisters arrived on 10.2.1987 to begin their apostolate in this parish. They were put up in a rented house. On 15th June 1987 the sisters star ted an English Medium School in this rented house with Sr. Arul Mary as the Headmistress. The newly built convent was inagurated by Bishop K Mariadas and the Bishop of Eluru, John Mulagada on 12.1.1989.

The Old Church and the presbytery were repaired in January 1990. Retiling and reflooring was done. But of late both Presbytery and the Church were constructed anew demolishing the old ones.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. SMI Eng. Medium School
  2. SMI Non formal Technical Institute
  3. SMI Boarding home

Convents in the Parish

SMI Convent - 2

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Charles P msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Paul Iramana msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. Marreddy
  4. Rev. Fr. George Nellikunnel msfs
  5. Rev. Fr. Thomas Manalil msfs
  6. Rev. Fr. George Manianghatt
  7. Rev. Fr. George Nampiaparambil as asst
  8. Rev. Fr. V Elanjipuram msfs
  9. Rev. Fr. Chukka Marian as asst
  10. Rev. Fr. Reddy Joseph msfs
  11. Rev. Fr. P Sauriankuzhy msfs
  12. Rev. Fr. Abrham Thonakara
  13. Rev. Fr. Joseph Paramattom
  14. Rev. Fr. Luke Cheruvil msfs
  15. Rev. Fr. George Nellikunnel msfs
  16. Rev. Fr. Annu Pushpanadham
  17. Rev. Fr. Pasupuleti Francis
  18. Rev. Fr. Anthony Anthenatt msfs
  19. Rev. Fr. P Elias
  20. Rev. Fr. D V Prasad