St. Ann & Peter Church - Yellamanchili


Name of the Church

St. Ann & Peter Church


St. Ann & Peter

Catholic Population





S Rayavaram, Pulapar thy, Lingarajupalem, Somalingapalem, Padmarajupeta, Venkatapuram, Vemagiri, Seethampalem, Narayanapuram, Kalavalapally, Kotta Yerravaram, Pattha Yerravaram


Catholic Church
Yellamanchili - 531 055 Visakhapatnam Dist.

Phone No.

08931 - 231798

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Brief History

Evangelization in Yellamanchili seems to have star ted with Mr. J. Sundaram, a Catholic from Nellore who was the Railway Station Master of Yellamanchili in 1934. Through his influence a few Harijans became catholics. Fr. Xavier Dias was the Pioneer of this mission. He used to visit this station probably from Madugula where was parish priest from 1929 - 1934 and during which period he was visiting.

Kothakota and Pedda Boddepalli. Boddepalli was made a parish in 1940 with Fr. George Vayalil as the first parish priest, with Bro. Joseph Puthur to assist him. Before Fr. Vayalil, Frs. Dias and Lazar Mariadas have worked in that Mission. Hence, all the three priests must have worked in Yellamanchili. When, in 1940 Pedaboddepalli was made a parish, Yellamanchili was made an outstation of it. A small plot of land was bought near the Railway Station, and a small chapel was built there, but since it was far away from the catholic communioty, that site was sold in 1937, and another plot was purchased near the Mala veedhi, near the road, at the nor thern end of the town. In 1958 the Catholics in Yellamanchili numbered 155. As Paikaraopeta parish was erected in 1961 with Fr. Polamarasetty Charles as the first parish priest, Yellamanchili and Somalingapalem were brought under this Mission. Fr. Charles was PP of Paikaraopeta from 1961 - 1969. Fr. Charles sold the site near the mala veedhi and bought another site with a tiled house in Kakivani veedhi of Kummaripetta, opposite to the Baptist Church.

In 1886 Yellamanchili was made a Parish with Fr. Mathew Karianatt MSFS as the first Parish Priest. He first Stayed in the tiled house in Kakkivani Veedhi. The Plot on which the present St. Aloysius Convent and their St. Mary’s School stand was bought by Fr N.C.Mathew in 1982, when he was Parish priest of Paikaraopeta. When this site was given to the Sisters in 1986, another adjacent plot was bought for the parish, and the church and presbytery were built on that site. Both were blessed by Archbishop J J Degenhardt of Paderborn, Germany on 18.2.1990.

Institutions in the Parish

St. Mary’s Eng. Medium School

Convents in the Parish

St. Aloysius Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Mathew Karianatt msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Plackithottil msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. Antony Antheenatt msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. Antony Puthussery
  5. Rev. Fr. J Ananda Rao
  6. Rev. Fr. P. Francis