Our Lady of Velankanni - Velangi


Name of the Church

Our Lady of Velankanni Church


Our Lady of Velankanni

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Bandanapudi, G Bhavavaram, Chodavaram, Endamuru, Gantredu, Kapavaram, Laxminarasapuram, Madhukumilli, G Mamidada, Narasapurapu peta, Oduru, Paina, Peddapudi, Siripuram, Velangi, Vemulawada, Yenamadala.


Catholic Church
Velangi - 533 260 East Godavari Dist.

Phone No.

0884 - 2396660

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Brief History

The present Velangi Parish was part of Draksharama parish. When Fr. Maipan Paul was PP of Draksharama, he bought with great difficulty, the present site, which was a paddy field. In 1985 May it was levelled under the supervision of Fr. Mathew Kannipally and D Balashowry. In July 1985 Velangi was declared as parish, with Fr. D. Balashowry as the first Parish Priest. As there was no house or church, the priest was in a rented house for two years. They stay in a private house helped to establish very cordial relations with all the villagers. First the Presbytary was built and then the Church. There were few conversions from other castes but mostly women.

Institutions in the Parish


Convents in the Parish


Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. D. Balashowry
  2. Rev. Fr. Luke Cheruvil msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. Lukose Kallakatt
  4. Rev. Fr. Jose Mullenmadackal msfs
  5. Rev. Fr. Y Anand
  6. Rev. Fr. K Raja Sekhar
  7. Rev. Fr. P Aralaiah