Holy Redemeer Church - Godavari

velanganimatha church kailasapuram
church building of velanganimatha church kailasapuram

Name of the Church

Holy Redemeer Church


Holy Redemeer

Catholic Population

1200 +




Borugupudi, Burma Colony, Gummaluru, Devipatnam, Katheru, Konthamuru, Korukonda, Koonavaram, Palicherla, Quarypet, Rampachodavaram, Kanavaram (Raja Nagaram).


Catholic Church Opp. Apasara Hotel Aryapuram Rajahmundry - 533 104 East Godavari

Phone No.

0883 - 2460268

Mass Timings


Brief History

The history of the Godavari Church star ted in 1900 with the opening of the Railway Bridge over Godavari river. The Bridge was built under the supervision of a French Engineer Mr. Londerede, a catholic. The catholics among the workers built the present church for their immediate need. The Priest incharge was Fr. S Anthony(probably residing at Kakinada). The Church was blessed in 1902.

With the development of a railway colony at Rajahmundry and some influential catholics there another church came up at Alcot Gardens. Church at Godavari was neglected. All the things were taken to Rajahmundry and the presbytery was rented out. Only once in a way Mass was celebrated at Godavari then.

With the appointment of Fr. Paul Iramana as the first Parish Priest, the Godavari church was again erected a new parish in 1957. The church was throughly repaired. The presbytery which was under long lease was occupied in 1959 with the sincere effor ts of Fr. Paul Iramana known to be an able administrator, more villages were brought to the Light of faith and the previous glory was revived.

Institutions in the Parish

Jubilee Memorial Eng. School, Konthamuru

Convents in the Parish

F C C Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. S. Anthony msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. J. Vittoz msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. A Barril msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. Solomon
  5. Rev. Fr. Chevallet msfs
  6. Rev. Fr. Paul Iyramana msfs
  7. Rev. Fr. Anthony Parayil
  8. Rev. Fr. V Xavier as asst.
  9. Rev. Fr. E T Thomas
  10. Rev. Fr. Philip Sauriankuzhy msfs
  11. Rev. Fr. George Manianghatt
  12. Rev. Fr. Peter Sebastian Palakunnel
  13. Rev. Fr. Zachrias Kochupuram
  14. Rev. Fr. Joy Thomas
  15. Rev. Fr. Luke Cheruvil
  16. Rev. Fr. Y Maria Ratnam
  17. Rev. Fr. J John Prakash
  18. Rev. Fr. K. Rajasekhar