Christ the King Church - Araku (1949).

christ the king catholic church araku visakhapatnam
christ the king catholic church araku visakhapatnam
christ the king catholic church araku visakhapatnam

Name of the Church

Christ the King Church


Christ the King

Catholic Population





Bosubeda, Similiguda, Sunkarametta, Ananthagiri.


Catholic Church, Araku R.S. - 531 151. Visakhapatnam Dist.

Phone No.


Mass Timings


Brief History

The exact history of Araku Mission started in 1949 with the land bought by Bishop Baud for a summer resort. The land was given out for cultivation for many years till Fr. Xavier Dias got out the cultivators. The importance of Araku area became evident with the coming of the DBK Railway. Fr. Dias started to visit the numerous labour camps. It was Fr. Dias who started the two schools at Yendapallivalasa and Padmapuram near Araku.

The Present house was built in 1956 and Fr. A Bosson was appointed at Araku. He is the first resident priest. He constructed the church on the first floor of the house. Sisters of St. Joseph bought some land and started a community in 1966. An English medium school and a hostel for tribal children were established by the Sisters of St. Joseph at the insistance of the Collector of Visakhapatnam has brought the place to light. The Nirmala Sisters from Vijayawada also started a house in 1975.

Institutions in the Parish

  1. R.C.M. Aided Ele. School, Yendapallivalasa
  2. R.C.M. Boys Hostel
  3. Nirmala Dhyanashram
  4. Nirmala Rural Health Centre
  5. Nirmala Social Trust
  6. St. Joseph’s Novitiate
  7. St. Joseph’s Eng. Medium School
  8. St. Joseph’s Girls Hostel
  9. St. Joseph’s Junior College
  10. St. Joseph’s Junior College Hostel
  11. Somascan Fathers’ Residence

Convents in the Parish

  1. Nirmala Convent
  2. St. Joseph’s Convent

Priests who served in the Parish

  1. Rev. Fr. Xavier Dias msfs
  2. Rev. Fr. Alphonse Bosson msfs
  3. Rev. Fr. K T Thomas msfs
  4. Rev. Fr. Anthony Parayil
  5. Rev. Fr. Varghese Kollamparambil
  6. Rev. Fr. John Kunnapally
  7. Rev. Fr. Mathew Muthukatil
  8. Rev. Fr. K T John
  9. Rev. Fr. Philip S msfs