Legion of Mary

Founder Br. Frank Duff:

The legion of Mary is an Association of Catholics who, with the sanction ot the church and under the powerful leadership of Mary immaculate, mediatrix of all graces, have formed themselves into a Legion for service in the warfare which is perpetually w aged by the church against the world and its evil powers Legion motto prayer and services.

The Legionaries to render themselves worthy of their great heavenly Queen by their loyalty, their virtues, and their courage. The Legion of Mary is organized on the model of Roman Army but the arms are not of this World.

The Legion of Mary is open to all Catholics who (a) faithfully practice their religion (b) are animated by the desire to fulfill their role in the church's apostolate through membership of the Legion,(c) are prepared to fulfill each and every' duty which active membership of the Legion involves.

The unit of the Legion of Mary is called a Presidium. The councils of the Legion shall be the Curia. The Comitium Legionaries.

The following are the functions of the Legion (I) The Acies (2) The Annual General Reunion, (3) An outdoor Functions (4) The Presidium functions (5) The congress.

Suggestions are to works :

  • Apostalate in the parish eg: conducting religious instruction classes
  • Visitation of the Homes of the people
  • Enthronement of the sacred heart in the homes
  • The making of the parish census
  • Visitation of the hospitals
  • G.W'ork for the most wreteared and dejected of the population
  • Works for the young
  • The book barroar
  • Croud contact
  • The Dissemination of Catholic Literature
  • Proniationg the practice of daily mass and devotion to the blessed sacrament
  • The recruiting and after care of Auxiliaries.
  • Work for the missions each member should work minimum 2 hours per week on 1st October 2013 Legion of Mary is active in 170 countries with 40 lakhs of active Legionaries and 50 lakhs of Auxiliary members Br. Alphonse Lambic and Sr.Edel Quinon did marvelous work to spread Legion of Mary.

The Legion of Mary received Papal letters and messages from Pieces XI Pieces XI1. John XXI11, Paul VI. John Paul 11. " The Legion of Mary \ what a perfectly chosen name! (Pope Pius XI) "T he Legion of Mary' presents the true face of the Catholic church”(Pope John XXI11)

The first Legion Presidium was stalled at Myra house, Francis street.. Dublin, Irland on 7th September 1921.

In our Visakhapatnam Diocese Legion of Mary was established in 1944 at Gnanapuram by Rev.Fr.Ravilapalli Joseph. The first Curia president was Br. Adari Rayappa.

Varaprasadamulu Maatha Comitium Visakhapatnam :

Supervises Legion activities in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, East Godavari and Srikakulam districts.

Strength : 144 Presidias, Active Legionaries 2000 and Auxilary members, 1000 spiritual.

Directors: Most Rev. Dr. Prakash Mallavarapu & Rev. Fr.P. Jeevan Babu

President: Br.PJV Anandrao

Vice President: Br.KS Babji

Secretary: Sr.J. Nirmala

Treasurer: Sr.P. Rosy

Correspondent: Br.P. Mariadas

Asst. Secretary: Sr.P. Agnes

Asst. Treasurer: Sr.P. Rosy

For further details contact : +91-9295407037, 9247320201

Email : ksudhakarbabji@gmail.com